APB Services

APB offers a range of resources and data products on this website to inform and support campus constituents and public inquiry. Please see below for more details or contact APB for additional information.

Resource Management

APB provides advice and oversight to individuals responsible for management of campus resources, administration of funds, program management, and staffing decisions. Functional areas include budget administration; the campus budget system, C-BIG; and program analysis for academic, research, and administrative programs. Policy guidelines, updates, best practices and reporting procedures.

Academic Planning

APB supports campus planning by providing standard and customized analyses to individuals and groups charged with making policy decisions and reviewing academic programs. Includes standard reports such as the Class Report and MP Tables, as well as customized enrollment and program analysis. Contact APB for support and assistance.

Campus Statistics

In accordance with public information guidelines, APB provides customized reports to the public, media, and UCLA stakeholders relating to students, programs, and institutional characteristics. Requests for customized reports can be made by contacting the APB IR Group.