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UCLA Profile

The UCLA Profile is prepared by the campus as a counterpart to the College Portrait—a common web report launched in 2007 by the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA), an initiative organized by the higher education community to demonstrate accountability, support the measurement of educational outcomes, and provide understandable information to the public.

In addition to presenting profile data, the UCLA Profile parallels the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), an assessment within the VSA, by reporting results for seniors on six specified measures that research suggests are correlated with greater student learning and development: (1) group learning, (2) active learning, (3) experiences with diverse groups of people and ideas, (4) student satisfaction, (5) institutional commitment to student learning and success, and (6) student interactions with faculty and staff.

The UCLA Profle is available for Fall 2010 - Fall 2016:

UCLA Profile, Fall 2016
UCLA Profile, Fall 2015
UCLA Profile, Fall 2014
UCLA Profile, Fall 2013
UCLA Profile, Fall 2012
UCLA Profile, Fall 2011
UCLA Profile, Fall 2010

More information about the College Portrait is available at the VSA website.