Time to Degree

UCLA students who focus on four-year degree completion are meeting their goal. Of freshman entrants graduating in 2014-15, 82% registered for 12 or fewer quarters. For students finishing in the three most popular departments, the percent finishing in 12 or fewer quarters was 87%.

The average time to degree was 12.0 registered quarters (excludes time off) for freshman entrants who graduated in 2014-15; students who entered as transfers and graduated in 2014-15 registered for an average of 6.6 academic quarters. Of these transfers, 70% registered for 6 or fewer quarters.

With graduation rates for undergraduates at UCLA now exceeding 90% for both freshman (six-year rate, includes time off) and transfers (four-year rate, includes time off) average time to degree continues to improve. For details on graduation rate, follow this link.